I helped make this guy's last campaign ever.

Dos Equis Most Interesting Fan of College Football

And a pretty good spot featuring an, admittedly, pretty bad-looking cake.

Strongbow Letter From the UK

Before that, we convinced a telecom brand to speak Klingon.

AT&T Next Translated

And helped another tech brand turn training into a joke.

Samsung Live

By now, you may be noticing a trend.

But that's not even the really weird stuff.

FIAT 500X Total Auto Body Workout

Casting kids is weird.

State Farm Through the Door

Don't worry, the only thing soft-core here is your laundry

SUN Lighten Your Load

Or, maybe this British guy on a horse does it for you.

Jeep William Fox Pitt

I mean, we've all got our thing.

FIAT Confessions of a Customizer

This is my thing.

Boldly Binge random Star Trek generator.

And here are some things Cassondra and I made because we felt like it.