Dads do laundry! Feminism’s working!

Purex - The Smart Way to Do Laundry

He’s the World’s Most Interesting Man. And this was his last ad.

Dos Equis - Most Interesting Fan


We made Spike Lee upset. Sorry, not sorry.

Capital One - March Madness Upsets

Yes, I did use a Klingon translator to write this one.

AT&T - Next Translated

People on the internet have opinions about cider.

Strongbow - Letter From the UK

And now, a heartfelt ad about car insurance.

State Farm - Through the Door

By now you’ve probably noticed, I’m very funny.

Like, look at this funny thing I wrote!

FIAT - Total Auto Body Workout

Boring job training?
Lol, nah.

Samsung Live

Don't worry, the only thing soft-core here is your laundry

SUN - Lighten Your Load

Or, maybe this British guy on a horse does it for you.

Jeep - William Fox Pitt

I mean, we've all got our thing.

FIAT - Confessions of a Customizer

This is my thing.

Boldly Binge random Star Trek generator.